A wide variety of courses pertaining to data-driven insights are offered by our faculty, including:

Advanced Probability in Learning, Inference and Networks [Shakkottai]

Advanced topics in Data Mining [Ghosh]

Big Data Analytics for Healthcare [Ghosh]

Convex Optimization [Caramanis]

Data Mining [Ghosh]

Estimation Theory [Vikalo]

Game Theory [Nikolova]

Information Theory [Vishwanath, Shakkottai, Dimakis]

Large Scale Learning [Sanghavi/Caramanis]

Large Scale Optimization [Caramanis/Sanghavi]

Predictive Modeling [Ghosh]

Sparsity, structure and algorithms [Sanghavi]

Topics in Network Science [Shakkottai]

Web Mining [Ghosh]

Please look at individual faculty pages for more details on the courses offered.

Several other WNCG courses are listed at